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  HIGHLIGHTS Things You Should Know  
  Check out DraftSight's YouTube Channel where you'll find loads of videos that focus on DraftSight tips & tricks, basics and past webinars. The channel is a great resource for any DraftSight user. See the videos now.

Did you know that you can use the home pallet in DraftSight to get information directly from the DraftSight team? Here you'll find learning resources, support information and important links… It’s easy! Start using the home pallet now.

Our colleagues at SolidWorks are pleased to announce the release of My.SolidWorks – a new community experience that helps you connect, discover and share everything SolidWorks. Thousands of DraftSight users are also SolidWorks customers and my My.SolidWorks offers a single place for them to find insight and expertise from all over the SolidWorks Community. Whether you use SolidWorks or not, you could find value in My.SolidWorks. Learn more…

Sheet Metal Design Buyer’s Guide – SolidWorks has the most complete set of sheet metal tools in the industry and an easy-to-use interface that makes it the right choice for anyone looking at 3D for sheet metal design. Simplify your product development by easily creating detailed drawings, automatically flattening sheet metal parts with bend compensation, and generating production-ready documentation. See how SolidWorks 3D design software takes the complexity out of your sheet metal design process. Register and watch the Video.
  The LYONS' ShareTM Learning Resources For DraftSight Users  
video VIDEO TIP - GetArea Command
Do you need to calculate an area of an oddly shaped feature? Do you need to add or subtract portions of that area? Using the GetArea Command is an easy way to get the resulting area. Use this Command to calculate the area and perimeter by specifying a drawing entity or by specifying points that comprise an area to measure. Watch this video and learn how easy it is to calculate Area with DraftSight.
  Lyons' Share Webinar Mastering the Modify Toolbar in DraftSight.
The Modify commands in DraftSight are the most useful and powerful tools available. Join this webinar and take a deep dive into some of the most important commands available on the Modify Toolbar such as, Copy, Move, Offset, Pattern, Trim and Extend, just to name a few. Register Now.

Tip – Selection Set Options: When you are prompted to "Specify Entities>>" you have quite a few options. However, by default these options do not appear in the command window. If you would like to see these options, type in a question mark (?), and hit enter. All of your selection set options will appear.
See all DraftSight tips and tricks.
  SUPPORT AND SERVICES Take DraftSight To The Next Level  
The DraftSight Premium Pack is an affordable technical support and services package designed to help companies manage their CAD requirements by providing support with software deployment, customization, and integration. Although there is tremendous value with the free, standalone version of DraftSight, with the Premium Pack companies can experience the following benefits:

Save money on your CAD investments.
Increase user productivity.
Leverage your current processes.
Keep your CAD current.
Gain more control over your CAD investment.
Avoid CAD compliance issues.
Work with a proven partner.
  An example of one company's savings
with the Draftsight Premium Pack.

CAD chart

Get a quote for the Premium Pack now.
  Join us for a webinar: SolidWorks Drawings Exported to DraftSight
April 23, 2:00 PM EST
Scaling geometry of SolidWorks exported drawings with DraftSight
Register Now.
  BUSINESS INNOVATIONS and information for your success  
  Boost Your Design Innovation – Turn your ideas into reality with CATIA for creative designers. How can you gain a competitive edge by design? Unleash your creativity, accelerate product development and keep your global network connected. Register and watch this webcast to discover an optimal approach for managing the complexity of styling and surface design for studios and design departments. Hear from our experts in Creative Design and Surface Refinement.

  Industrial Equipment:
How to help your company thrive in today's challenging business environment - learn how to increase the speed of decision making along the entire product life cycle from concept to design, from engineering to manufacturing and to service. Get IDC Manufacturing Insights' white paper with guidance and tips on how to help your business grow today and tomorrow. Register and get your whitepaper now.
Discover how Obayashi Corporation uses DraftSight
to help support a dramatic reform aimed at building a more advanced-level building information modeling (BIM) environment - finding DraftSight easy to use and transition to – with no need to conduct user training. Why did they switch from their corporate standard 2D CAD software to DraftSight and what advantages did they experience? Learn more…

  Simulia: Novo Nordisk improves product integrity with simulation. Read this user story and more in the latest issue of SIMULIA Community News.   DELMIA: Did you know DELMIA's Robotics Community provides a number of interactive ways for you to share ideas, ask questions and network with your peers in a robotics-focused community? Find out more by joining today. (registration required)  
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